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REFLEX Analytical Corporation, USA
UV-VIS-NIR-IR Cells, Hollow Cathode Lamps, Deuterium Lamps, Transmission cells, Liquids & Solids mixer mills, Cryogenic grinding mill, Variable temperature liquid, solid and Gas analysis, Reflectance accessories, Fiber optics, Fiber optic probes and sensors, Solid sampling, Gas cells

Rumzing lasers, China
Green DPSS lasers, CW and modulated.

Silson Ltd., England

Silicon Nitride membranes for TEM, Muli frame arrays, Large area Windows, MEMS prototyping, Lithographic Wafers, Zone plates.

Sill Optics GmbH & Co.KG
Laser Optics, F-Theta lenses for beam deflection, Beam Expanders, Precision Optics etc.

Sutter Instrument Company
Micropipette fabrication equipments, Micro injector, Micromanipulators, Wavelength switcher, Xenon arc lamp etc for microscopes

StellarNet Inc., USA
Portable fiber optic instruments for UV, VIS, and NIR, spectroColorimeters, plasma emission monitors, fiber optic spectrum analyzers, spectroFluorometers, Raman spectrometers, plug-in spectrometers for industrial monitoring, spectroRadiometer system, fiber optic calibration, deuterium lamp, Xenon flash lamp, SMA fiber optic cable, reflectance and liquid dip probes, fiber optic receptors, fiber optic curette.

Sintec optronics Pte Ltd., Singapore

Fiber coupled high power laser diodes, drivers and controllers, Laser Machining Systems.

Geo.T.Schmidt, Inc, USA
Laser Marking equipments from manual applications to fully automatic for all type of marking needs

Tectra Physical Instruments GmbH
Knudsen cell, Effusion cell, Plasma Source, Atomic energy source, ION source, Mini e-beam evaporator, Optical Thickness monitor, Faraday cup system, Electron Guns, MCP detectors etc. etc.  

Three-Five compounds, Inc., USA

Visible and IR laser diode and chip, laser diode for communication, silicon phototransistor chip, silicon PIN diode, AlInGaP Amber, Orange, Green and red LED, GaAsP, AlGaAs visible, GaP and GaN chip, mid to far infrared chip, Epi wafers and substrates

Thorlabs Japan Inc., JAPAN

Opto-Mechanics, Optics, Electronics, Laser Diodes, Fiber Optics

TricomTechnologies Inc., CHINA
FBG Sensing Interrogator, FBG Sensors

Trinity Technologies, USA
Laser safety products, Goggles.

Univet srl, ITALY
Laser safety products, Goggles.

Watec Co., Ltd., Japan
CCD B&W Cameras, CCD colour compact cameras, colour TFT LCD monitor

Wilmad, USA
OEM bore tubing, flow-meter tubes, laser cells, reaction chambers, microwave cells, gas plasma cells, ozone generator tubes, radar and lidar glass components, cuvettes, nebulizers, collimators, glass to metal seals.

Yenista Optics, France
Benchtop MUX/DEMUX - DWDM multiplexers and demultiplexers, ultra low loss MUX/DEMUX,V-groove arrays, Fiber arrays, MFD adapting lenses fibers, Focusing lensed fibers, Collimating lensed fibers



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