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Opco laboratory Inc., USA
Miniature optics for endoscopes and boroscopes, chromatography, F.O. telecommunication, optical data storage, Miniature coax illuminator for character recognition, robotic vision, microscopy, biomedical imaging etc.

Optics Technology Inc., USA
Optical and mechanical precision micro-fabrication

Opto-line associates Inc., USA
Multidensity resolution masks, patterned neutral density filters, precision reticle patterns, low reflectance apertures on variety of substrates through photolithographic and thin film technology

Opti-forms. Inc., USA   
Off-axis parabolic reflectors, parabolic reflectors, elliptical reflectors, aconic reflectors, spherical reflectors, optical coatings, precision electroformed optics.

Omega optical, Inc., USA
Precision interference filters, band pass and discriminating filters, dichroic beam splitters, rejection band filters, laser line, fluorescence filters, multiphoton filters, FRET sets, fluorescent protein sets, multi-band sets.

Optometrics USA Inc.
VIS-NIR spectrophotometer, monochromators & modules, diffraction grating, Optical coatings, SPF-290S analyzer system, interference filters, Telecom gratings, Laser Optics & products, Modular VIS-NIR recording spectrophotometer, Holographic wire Grid polarizers.

OXXIUS S.A. France
Ultra stable Laser Module, Plug & Play version of Slim Lasers, Compact diode pumped solid state lasers etc.

Palm Technology Co., Ltd., Taiwan
TFT color monitors

PD-LD Inc.
SLED’s, Fiber Coupled ELED’s, PIN Photodiodes, APDs and InGaAs photo detector with transimpedance amplifier (TIA) in fiber coupled packages, Laser Diodes, Bidirectional receivers and transmitters, holographic volume Bragg gratings

Point source
Fiber-Coupled Lasers, single mode fiber delivery system, OEM fiber-coupled laser diodes, Temperature controlled fiber-coupled laser diodes

Photonics Industries, USA
Ti: Sapphire lasers, diode pumped solid-state Q-switched lasers, deep UV, UV, green lasers, Diode pumped compact Harmonic lasers.

Power Technology Inc., USA
Nd: YAG lasers, circularized diode lasers, temperature stabilized modules, power supplies for Helium-Neon gas lasers, fusion fiber splicer for fiber optics, and pulsed diode laser drivers, Diode pumped solid state laser

Plasma research Institute JSC, Russia
Gas lasers, plasma display panels

Princetel Inc., USA
Fiber Optic Rotary Joints, Laser Diode Products, Fiber Optic Components, Fiber Polishing Services

Rockwell Laser Industries, USA
Laser protective eye wear, lighted warning signs and systems, entryway interlock control systems, protective windows, absorbing glass filters, laser maintenance tool kit, beam view analyzer, power meters and heads.

Rocky Mountain Instrument Co., USA
Laser Marking system, Laser Optics, Polarizing components, Standard Optics


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