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3S Photonics S.A.S. – ITF Labs-Avensys, Canada
Fiber Bragg Gratings, Phase Demodulators, Passive Multiple Components, Sensors, Lasers, Modefield Adaptor, Pump combiners etc.

LASELEC S.A., France
Laser wire markers, Laser diode drivers, Laser wire stripping systems, Interactive wire harness boards etc.

Lattice Materials Corp., USA
Silicon and germanium products, sputtering targets, components for semiconductor processing equipment, beam steering mirrors for CO2 lasers, lenses and windows for night vision optics

Laserpoint Srl., ITALY
Detector Heads and Monitors for Laser Power and Energy Measurement

Laser Drive Inc., PA
OEM Power Supplies, Excimer laser power supplies, HeNe/ Argon laser power supplies, Laser Diode Drivers, High power Capacitor Charger, Flash/ Tungsten/Deuterium Lamp power supply, CW Arc lamp

Lumacare, UK
Light sources for Photodynamic Therapy

Laser Technik Berlin, Germany
Nitrogen lasers, dye lasers

LTS Chemicals Inc., USA

Ultra high-purity compounds for opto-electronic applications, optical coating materials

Lambda Research Optics Inc.
Cavity Optics, Beam splitters, Fabry-Perot Etalons and Air-spaced Etalons, Wave plates with mounts

LaVision GmbH
Systems, Cameras, Lasers, Online energy monitor, laser shutter, Long distance microscopes, Endoscopes

Laser Components GmbH
Laser Optics and other products

Mitsubishi cable Industries, Japan
Optical fibers, High Industrial Fiber scope, High Frequency Cables

MuTech Corporation, USA
Video digitizers, digital video interfaces and software tools for OEMs and system integrators in machine/industrial vision, microscopy, medical instrumentation, and security applications.

Maxtec Inc., USA
Thin film averaging controller, thin film deposition controller, multi-film deposition monitor, sensor head and feedthroughs, sensor oscillator, crystals, leak valve, liquid plating equipment

McPherson Inc, USA
HPLC Fluorescence detector, Monochromators, IMAGING Spectroscopy and Detection Systems, Light Sources, Detection Systems, Vacuum UV Spectrophotometers, Raman spectrometers

MPB Communication Inc., CANADA
Excimer lasers, Fluorine laser, High power UV laser

Nutfield Technology Inc., USA
Galvanometer based optical scanners, resonant scanners, and scanning control software

Npoint, USA
Ultra precision scanning and positioning, Piezo stage with Driver & Controller

Ocean Optics Inc., USA
Spectrometers, Optical Sensors, Software & Data Acquisition, Sampling Accessories, Light
Sources, Optical Fibers & Probes, Thin Films & Optics

O/E Land Inc., CANADA
Phase mask, High power metal mask, FBG Sensing Interrogator etc.

Oxide Corporation, Japan
Opto electronic single crystals (non doped and MgO doped Stoichiometric LiNbO3 & LiTaO3, TiO2, YVO4, SBN)

OXFORD Instruments, USA
Optics & Spectroscopy, Electronics, Magnetics, cryogenics, NMR, Thermometry, Vacuum,
Laboratory Essentials


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