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Fiberware, GmbH
All types of Optical Fibers

Fiber Optic Center
He Ne, diode lasers, fiber optic LEDs, scintillating fibers, fiber optic communication and networking modules, educational fiber components

FemtoLasers producktions GmbH
Ultrafast compact sealed Ti: Sa laser oscillator, compact multipass amplifier, autocorrelator, fs optics.

First Light Lamps Ltd., U.K.
Krypton Flash Lamps, Xenon Lamps, ARC Lamps and wide range of lamps, flow tubes, Trigger transformer, IPL energy meter.

Fujian Castech Crystal Inc., China
All types of custom made Optics, polarizer, and Beam splitter, Crystals etc.

FLIR Systems AB, Sweden
Infrared Camera, Therma CAM camera

GEOLA uab, Lithuania
Photo materials for Holography, Holographic plates

HeroLab GmbH
Centrifuges, rotors, Electrophoresis Equipment, PCR WorkStation, Radiation Safety products, UV products

HoloEye Photonics AG, Germany
Spatial Light Modulators for Holography and Biological applications, OptiXplorer educational kit for educational Universities and organizations.

High-Tech Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. CHINA
Laser Diode, Diode laser module, super luminescent diode, Laser diode arrays, Pulsed laser
diode, DPSS series modules, Linear arrays, Diode pumped solid-state laser, Large area InGaAs Photodiode series, High power laser, LDMP – series high power pulsed laser diodes, Laser diode characteristics testing system, Surgical diode laser system, FC- Photodiode PF series, Fast response Photo detector, InGaAs PIN Detector, Optical Transceiver.

INO, Canada
Laser systems and components, Telecommunication systems and components, Vision and
imaging systems, all types of optical fibers, Light detection and ranging system, Remote sensing, Fiber lasers, Holographic Beam Samplers etc.

Innolight GmbH
Ultrastable, pulsed, single frequency lasers in IR, ultra stable CW single frequency lasers in visible, laser diode drivers and ultra stable temperature controller.

Integrated Technologies, Russia
Laser Cooler, Laser Drivers, Pico second Diode Lasers, DPSS Lasers etc.

Femto second fiber lasers, Er-doped fiber oscillator, amplifier, frequency doublers etc.

Kappa Opto electronics GmbH
Image acquisition, processing and image communication, black and white camera system, color camera, miniaturized color camera system, video microscope with remote control and integrated software.

Korea laser, Korea
High power CO2 laser source, YAG lasers, engraving machines

Karl Lambretcht Corporation, USA
Thin film polarizing cubes, achromatic wave plates, rhombs, crystal quartz rotators and
depolarizers, achromatic fresnel rhomb retarders, High refractive index coupling prisms, Babinet-Soleil compensator.

Kentek Corporation, USA
Flash lamps, Laser rods, Pump chambers, Laser cavity reflectors & filters, Laser viewing Acrylic



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