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Chroma Technology corp., USA
Colored filter glass, thin film coatings, filters for fluorescence microscope, confocal microscope, filters for multiple probe applications, acousto optic tunable filters, liquid crystal tunable filters

Cargille laboratories Inc., USA
Immersion oils, refractive index matching liquids, laser liquids, particle identification liquids, optical gels etc.

CK Technology Inc., Korea
Hand held optical fiber identifier, Optical ribbon fiber identifier, Mini OTDR

Crisel Instruments, Srl, Italy
Optical Scanners

Dexter Research centre Inc., USA
Single channel and multi channel thermopile detectors

Diatome U.S., USA
Diamond knives for ultra-microtomy, static line ionizer, cryo knife for immuno-cytochemistry

Duma Optronics Ltd., Israel
Optical Beam Position and power measurement system, Sophisticated analog and digital beam positioning system, The alignment Laser, Fast beam positioning, Microscopic beams analyzer, Focus Gage, Multi channel power meter, Optical beam alignment, Multiple beam positioning system, M2 measurement system, Goniometric radiometer for diode/fiber analysis

Exciton Inc., USA
All types of Laser dyes, mode locking and Q-switch dyes

Edmund Industrial Optics, USA
Lock-in amplifiers, optics, optical instruments, CCD cameras, opto-mechanical components

Euresys s.a., Belgium
PCI frame grabber, video modules, I/O modules, multi frame grabbers, and image analysis tools.

Electrim Corporation, USA
ISA bus cameras, PC/104 bus cameras, PCI bus cameras, add-on software, camera lenses,
customized software and hardware design

Electron Microscopy Sciences, USA
Chemicals for electron microscopy, light microscopy and histology, microscope accessories,
microanalysis Element standards, cryo supplies and accessories, vacuum pumps, evaporation supplies, starter EM kits.

FEMTO Messtechnik GmbH
Low noise Photo receiver with SI-PIN Photodiode

Fiberguide Industries Inc., USA
Gold, Aluminum coated multimode fibers, Graded Index Fiber, Super guide G UV-Vis fiber, Single mode fiber, Fiber optic arrays, Solarization resistant optical fiber, Optical fiber for high power pulsed laser delivery, Polymer jacketed fiber, Tapered fibers, Anhydroguide (Low OH) fiber, Collimators and focus guides, Thermo coat (Polyimide) coated fibers

Fiber Instrument Sales, USA
Fiber optic patch cords, hybrid adapters, connectors, crimping tools, Fiber cables, Specialty fibers, breakout kits, loss test sets, OTDR, pulse suppressors, microscopes, Cable preparation tools, scribe tools, Polishing films, Cleavers, Fusion splicers, attenuators, amplifiers, couplers etc.

FiberPro Inc., USA
FBG Sensors, FBG Interrogator, Polarization scrambler, Polarization Dependent Loss Meter, High accuracy Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter, Transceiver, Fiber optic Lab. Box, Educational Interferometer set, Tunable Directional Coupler, Auto Tunable Directional Coupler, High performance State of Polarization analyzer, Lightwave Polarization Controller, Multi channel Polarization Controller, Motorized polarization Controller, In-Line polarization Controller, Polarization controller, Laser Ultrasonic Receiver, Lightwave equalizer, Polarization mode dispersion emulator solution, Low loss & highly reliable variable optical attenuator

Fast Pulse Technology Inc., USA
Brewster angle plate polarizer, quartz waveplates laser grade, pockels cells, large aperture dkdp electro-optic light modulators, 20 khz laser q-switch drivers,optical isolators,wide band amplifier, digital pulse gating system, self-contained hv switching module q-switch driver with adjustable time delay, 1" diameter dkdp pockels cell electro-optic q-switches, bbo pockels cell q-switches, high repetition rate laser pulse gating systems, high voltage pulse generators.


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